About us

Founded in 2002 and specialized in express delivery, CNE is a professional logistics company guided by a team with sufficient experience in this field.

Located at downtown, with advanced communication system, automatic office equipment and necessary warehouse machinery outfits, we can provide our clients with check, track, quote safely, accurately and efficiently, as well as the best plan for your special requirement, to ensure you can get the best service and meanwhile save your time, money and energy!

We always pursue new product for customers, the new developed Japan line, Europe line and USA line are all highly appreciated by everyone. With the unique “so-sold” service, you can easily finish your business on internet and everything done by us!

CNE has been focused on every client’ benefit and wish to expand our business based on sincerity, serve our customers with strength and credit, create a splendid future together with our friends in all circles of the world.

  お客様の荷物の配送確認や受取確認及びその他の状況確認するには送り状番号またはカスタマー?リファレンスを入力し、どちらかのボタンを選択した上でトラックをクリックしてください。 送り状番号を入力する際は、の数字部分を入力してください。(例:123456781)
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